Be a Dreamer

1_11NlHKDKl8FUJLBtZyp_YQThey are the architects of greatness, their vision lies within their souls, they peer beyond the veils and mists of doubt and pierce the walls of unborn Time. The belted wheel, the trail of steel, the churning screw, are shuttles in the loom on which they weave their magic tapestries. Makers of Empire, they have fought for bigger things than crowns and higher seats than thrones. Your homes are set upon the land a dreamer found. The pictures on its walls are visions from a dreamer’s soul. They are the chosen few — the blazers of the way. Walls crumble and Empires fall, the tidal wave sweeps from the sea and tears a fortress from its rocks. The rotting nations drop off from Time’s bough, and only things the dreamer’s make live on.” – Herbert Kaufman

What Kind of Dreamer are You?

I just listened to an NPR story featuring “Dreamers” who have moved back to Mexico from the United States, and how they’re doing with this adjustment. The segment highlighted how these Dreamers, not seeing an end in site to the litigation related to DACA (Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals), were being mentally tortured (my word) by having their futures and dreams determined by something outside themselves. So they returned to their native country, and using the advantages they gained growing up in the US, they are forging a future for themselves.

There is Nothing Like It

Like these Dreamers, we have to take total responsibility for our dreams. But this is a more sophisticated notion than it seems on the surface. Prior to the Master Key Program, I knew it was up to me to identify and manifest my purpose in life. In my quest to live out my unique purpose, I studied and experimented hundreds of things in combination. These include books, trainings, certifications, groups, learning tools, practices, appointments with healers, astrologers, psychics, becoming a psychologist, learning about Buddhism, Hinduism and Anglicanism, living at an ashram, taking personality inventories, recording 2000+ of my night dreams, having a coach, becoming a coach, and so on. While my quest has afforded me a rich background in personal and spiritual development, extensive knowledge and great insights, none of it this experience was comprehensive enough for me to identify my major purpose in life and then provide the structure to help me achieve it. It’s the combination of resources, ideas, support and tools that MKE offers that have made the difference for me. There is nothing like it.

Knowledge Does Not Apply Itself

For example, twenty years ago I discovered New Thought (the power of mind) through Unity Church. I read hundreds of booklets on the power of positive thinking. I also listened to weekly recordings from the pastor of First Divine Science Church. But I didn’t have a structure for applying any of this new knowledge in my day-to-day life. It was just knowledge, and one of the things I’ve learned in MKE is that, “Knowledge does not apply itself.” What’s been necessary for me is a complete program of tools, materials, and daily practices that are progressive in nature plus a “community of practice” to help me move forward, self-correct, and move forward again.

Apply Grit

My first year plus in MKE has been laying the foundation for me to deeply know and have confidence that I will achieve my purpose. The Dreamers who returned to Mexico know how much effort they have had to put in to realize their dreams.

In addition to the phenomenal curriculum, part of what makes this magic happen in MKE is my DAILY mastermind group (A gritty Monday through Sunday commitment). This is in addition to my other weekly mastermind group which helps keep me moving forward. I’ve had a sponsor before, which is part of what makes twelve step programs so effective, but I’ve never had a years’ worth of daily accountability based on everyone committing to and practicing new behaviors that are scientifically proven to change behavior for the better.

I’m certain of the truth the quote I began this post with contains. “The only things that live on are the things that dreamers make.” I have always been a Dreamer, but MKE has made me a Dreamer and a Doer. This is going to be the year that I edit and publish a book that I wrote many years ago.

What is your dream, and who is going to help you to achieve it?

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Grace – Week 24


One of my mastermind groups met this morning to celebrate my friend’s birthday.  She was telling us about a difficult family situation and my other friend and I listened and offered our support. Toward the end of her tale, the subject of grace came up. After a couple of minutes, she looked up and saw the grouping of decorative trivets on the wall of our booth, and exclaimed, “My mother used to have that exact trivet!” Suddently, grace had appeared, and she took comfort in the fact that her mother was with her during this challenging time.

It’s been grace that brought me to the Master Key Experience, and I’m so grateful to have all of the teachings as grace moves me forward toward my definite major purpose. This is round one, folks, because I need these practices, people and principles in front of me, day-by-day, for the rest of my life!


Og – Week 23


I really liked hearing Mark tell Og’s story. Og Mandino had writing talent, but as many of us, he became a cement Buddha over time. He became an alcoholic and after a divorce, he hit the skids. He then got sober and happened to take a job in sales with W. Clement Stone, who introduces him to New Thought. Revived through the study of the creative application of thought and success principles, he writes The Greatest Salesman in the World, and other books, sharing a philosophy of life that helps millions.

Imagine the mental labor it took Og, who was out of work, broke and in despair, to turn his life around? It wasn’t easy. The Master Key does not get turned once and suddenly change your life without any further effort.


Like Mandino, I’ve had many things in my life I thought were “keys” – a romantic relationship, an attractive appearance, etc., but they couldn’t open all the doors I needed to open. The Master Key experience does. The way Mark, Davine and others have put this course together, covers all the basis. It’s more than just having a positive mental attitude. It’s developing into a “self-directed, authentic self.”

It took me until the very last class to realize that one major item on my DMP isn’t my DMP (definite major purpose). The Master Key keeps opening new doors.


Being an HSP (highly sensitive person), I’ve gone through life with thin skin. The Master Key Experience has offered me this teaching, “When your internal reference point is your spirit, when you are immune to criticism and unfearful of any challenge, you can harness the power of love, and use energy creatively for the experience of affluence and evolution.” How much more inviting is this, than mentally cowering by being afraid of others’ opinions of me?

So now I’m on to the acceptance practice provided in our Week 23 webinar; CARD 1: “Accepting all people, situations, circumstances, and events as they occur”. In addition, CARD 2: “Taking responsibillity for my situation and for all those events I see as problems.” (how radical is this?) Also, CARD 3: “I relinquish the need to defend my point of view.” And lastly, CARD 3: “I live this day as if it is my last. I avoid with fury the killers of time. Procrastination I destroy with action.”

Ultimately, Og turned his life from the self-focused existence of an addict to serving humanity through his writing.

Hannal wrote, “…the law of success is service; …we get what we give, and for this reason we should consider it a great privilege to be able to give.”

Silence is Golden – Week 22A

Silence is a relief for someone who talks for a living. It’s so much more than this, but one of the greatest benefits of taking 1.5 days of silence last weekend is that I got to rest my mouth. As I rested my mouth, I realized that my mind started to rest as well.

I work with my mouth Monday through Friday. From 8 a.m. in the morning until 5 or 6 in the evening, I’m coaching clients. To be precise, I use a hybrid of coaching and consulting with clients of all ages across the United States and abroad. When I’m coaching, I listen 3/4 of the time and talk 1/4 of the time. When I’m consulting, I talk 3/4 of the time and listen 1/4 of the time. In my current role I do more consulting than coaching, which means I talk A LOT during the week.

Silence is a relief for someone who helps people solve career-related challenges all week long. Everyone I speak with has a gap between where they are and where they want to be. I wonder what would happen if I asked each of my clients to sit silently with me during our 50 minutes?

I did this once. I had a session with a client who was really stressed out. We started the call with some deep breathing to help her (and me) get grounded. She started talking and I soon had an intuitive hit that we really should be on the call in silence. I recommended this to her. We each set our phones down, but stayed on the call. I think that 45 minutes was the best coaching I’ve ever done. Silence was a risk then. It was non-conforming. It’s not what you do for an entire coaching call. But it worked. It shifted my client. It shifted me by being more daring and experimental in my approach.

Another awareness I had in Silence is that I go missing during a lot of my daily activities. When I prepared food and cooked in silence, I was there. All there. I wasn’t mentally or emotionally ahead of planning, chopping or sauteing; I wasn’t ahead of the aroma of chopped onion sizzling in olive oil, or the texture and taste of my salad and butternut squash ravioli with tomato sauce and basil. I was in the slow lane, the savor zone. I was connected with my surroundings and myself.

My sits were longer. I was pulled by the urge to answer a text. I talked to my cat, GiGi, accidentally. But she liked our silence better.  Winter in Minnesota is a good time for silence. So is any place and any moment.

I think Emerson’s teachings about self-reliance we’ve been reading. How are we to know the power which resides in us if we don’t know Silence? How are we to listen the “absolutely trustworthy seated at our heart” if we fill our lives with sound and motion?  How are we to know “what we must do” if we pay more attention to “what the people must think?”

It is definitely non-conformist to practice silence in a world overflowing with noise.

Silence is where we meet Consciousness and build self-reliance. In silence every truth is true.

Bionic Woman – Week 22



I wrote about a FALL I took two weeks ago at the top of my son’s driveway. It was a blunt force injury; the kind that happens when you stop the backward fall of a 115 pound body with your hand and your wrist hyperextends as you land with a thud.

In any given Minnesotan community we’re seeing a lot of people wearing casts. A record number of bones were broken after an ice storm followed by heavy snow. Roads, sidewalks and driveways turned into ice rinks. I’m grateful I only broke my wrist because it could have been much worse. I know someone who fell on the ice three days ago, hit his head, had a stroke and died. From Og Mandino, “I live this day as if it is my last. And if it is not, I shall FALL on my knees and give thanks.


My surgical experience happened Tuesday, February 26. I walked into the Clinic after listening to my guide, Nancy Ottinger’s Marco Polo’s recording: “I know everything will go well and your healing will be rapid and perfect. Your wrist will work perfectly well when this is all said and done. So, take care, be brave and let me know if I can do anything for you as always.” I was so grateful for her message and support which helped attune my “world within” setting up a positive vibration that set the stage for the whole experience.

I liken it to being at a spa with drugs, because when anethesia takes over and all care is cast to the wind. Apparently during surgery I had a pleasant dream, because I woke up smiling, turned my head toward my left arm and happily realized it was over.

What I like about the MKE teachings, including Og Mandino’s Scroll 5 message, is that we are in charge of our moods, “Inside me is a wheel”, he writes, “constantly turning from sadness to joy, from exultation to depression.” He then goes on to apply the law of substitution. “When I feel fear I will plunge ahead.” Nancy’s words helped me plunge ahead into the unknown.


With the good surgeon’s skill, the new inner appliance making my left distal radius bone strong again, and support from the MKE community and others, I now consider myself a reincarnation of the Bionic Woman.

With all the tools, practices and support at our disposal, we are all bionic. Carry on, plunge ahead and do your sit.


Keep Calm and Do Your Sit – Week 21

I was so pleased to get a postcard from my guide Nancy O., which reads, “Keep Calm and Do Your Sit.”

If you have a question, sitting is the answer.

If you’re having a hard day, sitting is the ancedote.

If you don’t know where to turn, sitting is a good idea.

If you’re happy, sitting will amplify it.

If you have too much to do, sitting will revive you and give you focus.



And sit again.

Sit every morning.

Your life will change.

Keep calm and do your sit.